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Rising Stars Series ft Da Capo Music Academy

Pianoland proudly presents the upcoming Rising Stars Series showcase featuring Da Capo Music Academy.
Catch the performances of these young aspiring students live at Steinway Production Studio!


Date: 24th June
Time: 1.30 - 4.30 pm
Venue: Steinway Production Studio 



1.30pm - Session 1

Timothy Lew | Megan Siew | Amerc Lim | Mayen Selvaratnam | Vanna Teo | Chua Thian Ser | Amelia Lew | Elliot Yang | Vedanth Nuggehalli | Mikaela Yang & Teacher Mark Duet | Teacher Sarah & Teacher Kai Xin

2.15pm - Session 2

Sera Chan | Koh Jun Yew | Caleb Wong | Matthew Mok | Raul D' Souza | Quinton Wang & Teacher Kai-Xin | Hu Xiyun | Dionna Neo | Shania Wong | Nicole Peng | Brandon Teo | Ema Lim

3.00pm - Session 3

Chloe Teo & Jeremiah Teo Duet | Jeremiah Teo | Chin Min Qi | Chin Min Jing |  Stephanie Zhen (Euphonium) & Catherine Zhen (Trombone) | Brass Quintet Christopher Hong (Trumpet) Wang Yu Chen (Trumpet) Matthew Loh (Trombone) Hansel Tan (Tuba) Teacher Daryl (Horn) | Aidan Lee | Jacob Binedell | Lim Yan Shern | Teacher Sarah & Teacher Kai Xin



A music school in Singapore with a purpose, we believe that regardless of age and musical inclinations, every individual has their own unique pace of learning.

Our highly dedicated music instructors are not only proficient at adapting and adjusting the pace of the music lessons according to the different abilities of the students but are also able to provide guidance for students to demonstrate their best capabilities.

Through our unique course structures, we help individuals build self-confidence, showmanship, and important qualities that are more valuable than just a certificate.

Our Professional Team

All Da Capo Music Academy instructors are highly qualified and experienced. We are motivated by our mission and are enthusiastic in producing independent and passionate musicians, capable of performance and music making. Our instructors are trained to take special care to tailor lessons according to each student’s goals as a musician, and to guide each student to find his or her own distinct musical path.

Our Beliefs

We believe that music education has a direct correlation to the development of young minds. Studies have shown that much of the brain is utilized in the process of learning music, making it a valuable activity for developing academically, emotionally and physically. Invaluable life-skills such as discipline, patience, focus and confidence can also be developed through the process of learning to play an instrument and engaging in music.



About Rising Stars

The Rising Stars Series is a concert programme that provides a platform for young musicians to showcase their craft across all music genres. It is a unique musical set up to identify and nurture a vibrant music community. 

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