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Rising Stars Series "Dare to Dream Live your Dream" ft Students of Edumentum

Pianoland proudly presents the upcoming Rising Stars Series "Dare to Dream Live your Dream" Piano Recital By Students of Edumentum.


Catch the performances of these young aspiring students live at Steinway Production Studio!


Date: 5th August
Time: 2 - 4 PM
Venue: Steinway Production Studio 



2.00PM - Session 1

Lucas Yang | Qiu Xin Yue | Keith Chen | Peng Zi Lin | Chen Man Yi | Eunice Zhu | Amy Zhang | Ms Ou Rui & Hulusi | Meng Yi Yi | Lian Chen Fei | Zhang Mo Mo | Cynthia Yang | Sean Zhang

2.45PM - Session 2

Elisa Chen | Isabella Tei | Yu Shi Yin | Chen Man Qi | Joey Chen | Chen Zhi Mo | Meng Yi Xi | Shalom Ng Shyann-E | Yu Tang Yin | Lian Chen Xi | Richard Luo | Sean Zhang



About Edumentum

Edumentum, established by Teacher Ou Rui, creates a positive and inclusive learning environment, encouraging students to explore their musical interests and develop their skills. 

Learning of music theory, sight-reading, technique, and repertoire combined to enhance overall musical development and to prepare students for recitals, examinations, and competitions.

Personalized lesson plans for private and group piano lessons are tailored to each student's abilities, goals, and learning styles.

Periodic evaluations and assessments are conducted to track student progress and all students are given the opportunities to perform on-stage regularly.



About Rising Stars

The Rising Stars Series is a concert programme that provides a platform for young musicians to showcase their craft across all music genres. It is a unique musical set up to identify and nurture a vibrant music community. 

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