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BOSTON UPRIGHT UP132E - Performance Edition

  • BOSTON UPRIGHT UP132E - Performance Edition
  • BOSTON UPRIGHT UP132E - Performance Edition
  • BOSTON UPRIGHT UP132E - Performance Edition

BOSTON UPRIGHT UP132E - Performance Edition

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With a height of 132 cm, this model is the largest upright piano in the Boston PE range. It is characterized by a full, powerful sound that is equal to that of some grand pianos.

Height: 132cm / Width: 154cm / Weight: 302kg / Depth: 67cm


The largest Boston upright piano at a height of 52" (132 cm), the UP-132E Performance Edition provides a rich and powerful sounds that rivals many grand pianos.


A Steinway-designed piano

Designed by STEINWAY & SONS, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the name of STEINWAY synonymous with musical excellence.


Rotating Upper Panel Enhances Tone

Features a movable upper panel that enhances the tone. By opening up the upper panel, sound can escape from the sides to give a wider audio projection.


True Excellence By Design


True Excellence By Design


Mahogany foot-piece soundboard lining and backboard. Specially-designed grand-type mahogany closing rim; unequaled vertical strength and stability and improved acoustics. Backposts have staggered spacing to enhance tone and provide support where needed.


Premium wool topfelt over premium wool underfelt. Computer-designed pear-shaped hammers with reinforced shoulders result in superior tone, increased durability and greater voicing ability.

String Scale

A low-tension string scale design gives a fuller, richer, warmer tone by allowing more of the lower partials to sing. It also has more sustain, is more powerful, has more dynamic range, and provides warmer and more mellow tones.


Octagrip™ pinblock made of 11 layers of hard rock maple — glued in different grain angles of 60 degrees — affording the tuning pins greater stability under tension and enabling the piano to stay in tune longer.


Endorsements by Our Artists


Endorsements by Our Artists

Zhou Yun

Concert pianist Alumna of Royal College of Music WPTA China General Secretary

Alexa Feser

Boston Ambassador and German musician

Annique Goettler

Boston Ambassador and German Pianist

Boston Institutional

Boston Pianos: An Institutional Revelation

Boston Educators & Engineers

Boston Pianos : Giving the sound that you want, no matter the genre











Ebonized High Polish

Braces / Posts

Full-length laminated spruce posts assure that the backframe will remain straight and consistent and tuning will remain stable. Spruce fill-blocks between posts at the top and bottom of the backframe, capped with a maple backboard for positive vertical alignment. Solid filler blocks (no hollow spots). 5 posts. Total cross sectional area: 477 cm2 (73.9 in2). Thickness of post: 9 cm (3½""). Width of post: (3) 9 cm (3½""), (2) 13 cm (5⅛"").


Close and straight-grain solid (not laminated) spruce. Minimum 3 annual growth rings per cm (minimum 8 per inch). Tapered from treble to bass, to provide a rich tone in the bass, and a brilliant and crisp tone in the treble, creating a well-balanced and lasting tonal response. Tapered from 9 mm to 8 mm. Vibrating area: 1.14 m2 (1,767 in2). Closing rim evens out the soundboard’s response to all frequencies, eliminating “hot” spots. Emulates shape of grand soundboard.


Made from durable spruce to assure strong and constant support of the strings bearing down on the soundboard. Ribs are fully let-in to the liner to support the important soundboard crown and prevent the piano from losing its tone. Number of ribs: 11


Treble: Solid maple, curved to fit the crown of the soundboard. Bass: Solid maple mounted to cantilevered base. Doweled, glued, and screwed to soundboard. One continuous base and treble bridge.


Overstrung: Lower tension scale for longer sustaining tone and longer life of the whole piano. 17,633 kg (38,875 lb) tension.


Cast from grey iron, bronze-painted and lacquered. Vacuum cast. Tuning Pins Nickel-plated steel, cut threaded.


Solid maple (all wood, no plastic) for all moving parts. Extruded aluminum action rails for increased stability and less frequent regulation. Dependable direct-blow design.


Genuine spruce, individually balanced and weighted. Synthetic ivory and ebony key covers. Length of key: 40.3 cm (15.9"").


Spruce with hardwood inserts in the balance rail and front rail for added stability.


Soft (half-blow), muffler, and sustaining (damper) pedals.


Music desk: Professional music desk. Two-position upper panel for tone escapement and solid music support. Fallboard: Soft fall fallboard. Casters: Solid brass casters. Prop Sticks: Top prop sticks.

About Boston

Such is the experience of playing a Boston. Designed by STEINWAY & SONS, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the name of STEINWAY synonymous with musical excellence, the Boston line of grand and upright pianos represents a singular achievement in instrument building: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible.

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