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Rising Stars Series ft Students of Golden Key Piano

Pianoland proudly presents the upcoming Rising Stars Series Student Recital By Students of Golden Key Piano.


Catch the performances of these young aspiring students live at Steinway Production Studio!


Date: 5th November
Time: 4 - 6 PM
Venue: Steinway Production Studio 



4.00PM - 5.45PM

Elijah Huang | Kyra | Charlotte Lee | David Gorelik | Thomas Lin | Sofia Androsova | Kayla Ng | Celestaballe | Lauren Lok | Leia Lok | Jadiel | Kyler Tan | Pauline Gerolik | Roma Androsov | Alisa Ustenova | Keane Chong



About Golden Key Piano

Golden Key Piano is a unique music school for young talented pianists. They only focus on one musical instrument - the PIANO. The lessons that they offer are individually taught by a professional concert pianist with a music conservatory education, and years of experience on piano performance and piano pedagogy. Their purpose is to build a strong foundation which will allow students to perform at high standards. The school predominantly specializes on teaching the classical repertoire.

Golden Key Piano aims to help young children discover and develop their musical talents. They strive to enhance the children’s exposure to music by encouraging them to take part in music competitions, perform with an orchestra, attend masterclasses taught by professional concert pianists, and perform on the stage .

They believe that their unique teaching approach will help students to achieve an outstanding level of piano performance, and that each year will see the creation of new talents.



About Rising Stars

The Rising Stars Series is a concert programme that provides a platform for young musicians to showcase their craft across all music genres. It is a unique musical set up to identify and nurture a vibrant music community. 

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