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Pop Vocal Workshop by Aaron Matthew Lim

6th November 2022

4pm to 5pm

Livestream from Pianoland Production Studio


Calling all singing enthusiasts in Singapore!

Join us for an enriching Pop Vocal Workshop by Aaron Matthew Lim, Vocal Director & Master Vocal Trainer at Intune Music. In this hybrid workshop, you will explore how the human voice works, discover different vocal structures and the basics of singing through various exercises. Want to improve your singing or even sing and play? Aaron will be sharing all the key pointers to get you started.

Aaron Matthew Lim (林伟强) has 15 years of teaching experience with a specialization in Voice and Performance, helping his students achieve significant breakthroughs in their singing either by way of extending their vocal ranges, or guiding them to have greater mastery over their vocal control and tonality. Aaron is the 1st and only Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training in Singapore, certified by Estill Voice International in 2016.

Always seeking to provide targeted vocal solutions for his students, Aaron has attended and interned at multiple voice workshops conducted by Estill Voice International, using a voice model that focusses on the scientific understanding of the human voice for speaking and singing. Aaron stands out from the rest of the vocal coaches in Singapore with his in-depth understanding of vocal science and how the voice works, and it is this knowledge that he uses to coach all of his students, sometimes helping them to alleviate long-time vocal issues within the span of just 1 single lesson!


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Workshop Programme

  • Debunking vocal myths & Basics of singing
  • Exploring our voice - True vocal folds & Larynx (voice box)
  • How should we improve our singing?
  • How can we use external equipment to help with our singing?
  • Sing and play tips
  • Q&A

Who Should Attend?

  • Beginners (no prior training required)
  • Singing enthusiasts who wish to improve their vocal techniques
  • Aspiring singers who want some tips on how to sing and play
  • Workshop will be conducted in English

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