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Composing Your First Tune - Pop Piano Songwriting Workshop by Peng Chi Sheng

Livestream broadcast on 26th June 2022

4pm – 6pm


Want to compose your own music but not sure where to start?

Pianoland and Intune Music jointly present 'Composing Your First Tune' - Pop Piano Songwriting Workshop by Peng Chi Sheng.

Join us as Singaporean Contemporary Pianist, Composer and Music Educator, Peng Chi Sheng shares tips on how to compose your own contemporary piano tune. The workshop will be livestreamed from Pianoland Production Studio with 20 Treasures Members taking part in person. There will be an interactive segment for both offline and online attendees and Chi Sheng will demonstrate how to compose your new piece of music with the participation of our audience.

The Runaway Pianist

Peng Chi Sheng is a contemporary pianist and composer who started off with composing Mandarin pop music. In 2002, his first published song "这次是真的 This Time it is Real" was sung by Tony Leung 梁朝伟. In 2017, he released his debut instrumental album "The Runaway Pianist I", and started receiving lots of positive response from his fans. Till date, he has released more than 30 piano originals, with "My Grandma is a Hainanese" being one of his most popular tunes.


Workshop Programme

  • Why and How do we start writing a song?
  • Songwriting Techniques and Concept: Knowing your Pop Harmony
  • Let’s write a pop piano tune together!
  • How to publish your originals on major music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music)? Copyright and Publishing Matters.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Piano Grade 3 and above (Children and Adults)
    • Music lovers who wish to expand their songwriting knowledge
    • Aspiring composers who wish to learn about how to get your music heard
    • Workshop to be conducted in English

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    Attend In-Person

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